Drink the Beer! July 1, 2015 15:15

People who love to grill are always looking for ways to prevent meat from drying out or overcooking.  The idea behind beer can chicken is for the moisture of the beer to get trapped inside the chicken and get a juicier piece of meat.  They sell beer can/chicken holders in every grilling aisle in every store. .  Spice Done Right's flavor enhancer has the same desired affect and you get to drink the beer while grilling (we know you would anyway!) instead of propping your chicken on it.  Our Flavor Enhancer works on chicken, fish, pork, shrimp and turkey.   Its a used to make a brining solution to soak your meat in prior to cooking.  Brining isn't just for turkey!!!!  It is going to boost the flavor and add juice to whatever your making.   We recommend 4 hours to overnight for chicken, pork, or turkey and just fifteen minutes for fish or shrimp.  This is the secret to most of our bbq success.  Even meat that is already pumped (pork shoulders or ribs) is going to benefit from brining.  We are so serious about it that I brine my chicken and pork right when I buy , before I put it in the freezer.  I decrease the time to about 30 minutes in the solution.  This way I never forget and my family never complains.  They are used to having it this way and boy can they  tell the difference!!!